Vasum Turbinilleum

Vasum Turbinilleum

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Unique piece / Series of 10 shells

  • Product info

    Elegant and nature. Detailed cut artwork with stone, water and polished process giving each piece a unique jewel where forms, intense colors and textures unveil the natural beauty .

    Coming from the underwater world, we work different species which form and color variations depending on the live environment.

  • Eco life cicle

    We respect the environment where the shells are born and dead. They are collected individually from underwater sea via apnea and selected just the non alive.

    Our maximum wish is to protect the sea where we are coexisting making the minimum natural impact to preserve the species. 

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    We make every attempt to have all items in stock at all times, but occasionally, a specific item might not be in stock. In those cases, please expect a production time of 1 week (we will notify you via email). As our process is 100% handmade, it is not the fastest, but the pieces will be unique for you.

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